Easter Encouragement

Easter Blessing

“For we believe that Jesus died and rose again” I Thessalonians 4:14

The Son of God, who had never sinned – and who was least deserving of death – died so we could have life.

What an amazing story we have to share with people, of the sacrifice that Jesus gave for us, of the price He paid for our salvation and of the greatest love that anyone will ever see.

We can rejoice, knowing that Jesus rose again and He is alive.

Sharing the Gospel with the Gideon Bible App

The Gideons International provides a Bible App specifically designed for evangelism which allows people to access the Word of God in many different languages, both in audio and written format. For more information about the app click here.

The Gideon Bible App provides an incredible opportunity to break language barriers and share the Word of God with others even if you don’t share a common language, as this Gideon in Australia found out. This is what they shared:

How good it is to share the Word of God.

Yesterday a businessman got into a taxi in Victoria, Australia. He got chatting to the driver, as you do sometimes.

“G’day mate, howya going?”

It turns out that the driver was from Ethiopia and he was studying here.

“You know, would you like to hear something really cool? What is your native language?”

“Amharic”  was the drivers response.

From his smart phone, in just a few seconds the businessman found the Gideon Bible App and went to the audio for John 3.

“Could you listen to this and see what you think?”

To his amazement the driver then heard the Bible in his own language. Wow! What a smile on his face after hearing the Gospel this way.

It was so good the driver immediately wanted this new talking Bible. So the Gideon Bible App was shared in a second through text link as they travelled along the freeway. The driver said he had an orthodox background but said he was not confident of his salvation. The Good News was shared and the driver shared his yearning to read and learn more from the Bible and a prayer was offered at the drop off point.

Later that day the Gideon was in Perth on his business trip and he received a text from his new driving buddy:

“I would like to thank GOD for sending you in my life. I receiving today in my life powerful word. Know GOD spoke to me. Thanks. It was encouraging and touched me. Thank you”

God is at work in this world. Share the Good News this Easter.

We thank you all for your support and wish you a very blessed Easter.