From the Girls’ Brigade

Girls Brigade Testament2
New Testament & Psalms embossed with the Girls’ Brigade logo.

Over recent months, our members around the country have had the privilege of visiting Girls’ Brigade Companies to present them with their own personal copy of the New Testament & Psalms embossed with the Girls’ Brigade logo.

Many members have spoken of the encouraging time they have spent with the young people in these Companies and their leaders and it is great to be able to share now an encouragement from one of the Companies themselves.

Thank you to Girls’ Brigade Ministries for passing on this great encouragement:

“Hi there,

I am not sure which of your members went to visit our 1st Forest Hill Girls’ Brigade company in South London last night, but I did just want to share the email below from the Team Leader who wanted to pass on her thanks.

I have had such positive feedback from other GB companies, especially about how well your Gideon members talked and interacted with the girls, that it would be great if you could pass on thanks from us to all of them.

Every blessing in your amazing ministry



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the connection between GB and the Gideons and for providing Bibles for our girls.

Our local Gideon reps came last night to GB, spent time talking to the girls and explaining about the Bibles, teaching them how to find certain passages and reminding them how the Bible can be of comfort to them etc.

It was so lovely to have them with us and the girls really appreciated their Bibles – they all ran out to tell their parents at the end of the evening – it was very special. There were lots of comments like “…and it’s just the right size for my pocket”, “I can’t wait to take it to Church” and “now I won’t have to take my big Bible out with me” etc. which was so lovely to hear. And the leaders all loved the design and the connection to GB. It was a great evening and much appreciated by all.

Thanks again

Rachel, 1st Forest Hills Girls’ Brigade

Included in the Testaments is a prayer written by GB member Leilani Mildren of Potter Street Baptist GB Team – 1st Harlow.

Her prayer is…

“Lord, I thank you for Girls’ Brigade. It’s a home from home, my place of peace, a sanctuary of safety. If I’m down it lifts me up. If I’m upset it calms me down. Lord, I thank you for the leaders, they do your work and channel your words to us, guide us and show us your way. Lord, I ask you to bless every member, current, past or yet to join. Help us to find your family and become a member. Help us to seek, serve and follow Christ. In Your name, Amen.”

Pictured is Leilani receiving her very own Testament from Susan Swindale of Stort Valley Branch.

Leilani Mildren, GB
Leilani Mildren, 1st Harlow Girls’ Brigade

We are extremely grateful for our relationship with the Girls’ Brigade and we thank them for the opportunity to visit their Companies and offer the young people a copy of God’s Word.