Changing My Life

We recently received the following email entitled ‘Changing My Life’:


I live in South Africa and last year my parents were on a trip in the UK just before Christmas. They were walking down the street when someone offered them both a little red pocket Bible.

My parents aren’t usually the kind of people to take things like this. Living in South Africa you know not to take anything that has been given to you on the street but for some reason or other my parents made the exception and even asked the lady if they could have three more, one for myself, my brother and my boyfriend. The lady, with a smile and without hesitation, handed them three more.

At first, this Bible was just something that was in my bag but as the year progressed I started reading it more and more until it became something very, very dear to me and that I couldn’t do without.

Although I have always been a Christian, my life has significantly changed since picking up this Bible and really starting to read it. Although I understand that it is God’s Word that has worked with me and in me and has spoken to me through this Bible, I just want to thank whoever it was in your organisation for their kindness. For giving away five Bibles to my family and enabling me to build and rebuild my relationship with my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I pray that your organisation is blessed and that you will continue to change people’s lives and introduce them to the Word of God.

Thank you very very much.