Light for a solar salesman

This week’s blessing describes how a Gideon member had a very interesting sales call which resulted in a copy of God’s precious Word being accepted.

“When Henry from Essex telephoned me last week he hoped to sell me some panels to put on the roof of my house which, given time, and lots of sunshine, may help to keep my electricity bills down. However it was him who ended up receiving something from me. You see I told him that I was a lady in my eighties and given my age, well, I might not live long enough to see any returns on this investment. But I had invested in something far better and far more reliable.

 And then I explained I was a Christian and what my faith meant to me today, and what it would mean for the future when my life ended. I told him I was a Gideon and that our organisation handed out Bibles to people in all walks of life. And in the Bible, God’s Word, you can find out more about God and what being a Christian is all about. In fact I offered to send him one if he would let me have his address. And to my surprise he agreed, so I posted a Personal Worker Testament to him.”

A challenge for us to make the most of every opportunity!