Merseyside Police testaments

Merseyside Police 1

Hello All,

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Tony Lovering, Scripture Manager for The Gideons International, regarding the Christian Police Association National Day of Prayer.

Our Branch had been in contact with Alan, a Community Engagement Officer with the Merseyside Police and asked if they would like to receive some New Testaments, embossed with the Merseyside Police crest on the front. Alan had already received some before which had all been passed on to either Officers or retired Officers.

We had a small stock left which I passed on and ordered another 100 which I took round to the Police Headquarters one afternoon. Alan was delighted to receive them and other Officers were coming over and asking for one before I had even finished opening the box!

God’s Blessings

Ron Barber, Member of the Wirral South Branch of The Gideons

Merseyside Police 2