Receiving a testament on the day that Granda died


Good evening

I am just writing to you to say how much the Bible I received as a child has helped me through my teenage years and adult life so far.

I dated my Bible on 30/09/1998, the day my Granda passed away – as a school we were given them at St Bedes at Lanchester, County Durham. All children in my year received a Bible and no doubt some children at the time maybe didn’t seem to understand nor care for the importance it can hold or what help it can bring.

Through my teenage years I felt it help me in times when I needed advice or guidance. I started reading my daily passage when I was about 15 years old and I really felt it helped me so much at a crucial time in a young girls life.

Through the years I kept looking at certain helpful readings which were clearly labelled, e.g. prayers of thanks, grieving etc. It has helped me so much for the times I have lost loved ones and being able to say a prayer (I have even highlighted some) means so much to me.

Throughout these years I feel as if it has helped me so much so although maybe 100 are given out at a time, and only a small percentage may have it nearly twenty years later, I believe it has helped me unreal amounts and sometimes when I don’t know how to word it to God, the Gideon Bible does it correctly.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness you all have done and the Bible will stay with me for hopefully the next twenty years. I wish you all the best and continue doing this fabulous work of spreading the Word of God.

Take care, Kind regards