Finding hope on a work residential course

Dear Sir/Madam

I have been considering extending my giving for the work of the Lord and have been nudged by the Holy Spirit in the direction of The Gideons, for whom I have a long standing affection.

Ray, a former colleague who happened to be a Gideon, brought me back to faith in the early 80s. It is still with deep shame I recall how rude I was to Ray when he first witnessed to me in the staff canteen during our lunch break. However, Ray saw my need and ploughed through my anger and rebellion. Then by chance, I was sent on a residential course by my boss and feeling unsure and lonely I found a Gideon Bible in the bedside cabinet of my room. The rest is history.

When I got back to work and spoke to Ray, he knew instantly that God had won me back and that I was saved – it was truly remarkable. Ray gave me a Gideons pocket New Testament in which I wrote my commitment to God.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Reeves

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