“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you”

Ferry 2

Dear Gideons,

I recently had cause to be on an overnight ferry going to mainland Scotland. In my cabin I found myself reading through a copy of your New Testament and Psalms, the blue hardback version. While I’ve never considered myself to be a Christian in the proper sense I have always had a firm belief in God, though my knowledge of the Bible would be somewhat limited.

I found reading your New Testament and Psalms a most comforting, and most illuminating experience, which ended up occupying some four or five hours of my time, all told. In particular I thought your introduction and your suggested readings and references very helpful.

Your version, with its encouraging words and references is exactly what I need, as I’m not “Biblically literate” and I’d like some help in getting started.

Yours Sincerely