Ride For Christ

Ride For Christ

Brent Young is a 54-year-old Gideon from Warsaw, Missouri. Like many of his fellow Gideons, he enjoys watching people come to Christ, handing out the Word of God, and hearing testimonies of how God is changing lives around the world. However, Brent’s ministry is unique in one way – he operates from the saddle of a red bicycle.

In 2012, Brent Young decided it was time to start over. He had been an alcoholic, a drug addict and bound by the desires of the world. God pursued him and he knew he had to stop running. In fact, he knew God was calling him to start riding.

Before the found the Lord, Brent had toyed with the idea of riding a bike on long expeditions just to see if he could. However, after he became a Christian he knew God was calling him to take his dream a little further, “I just prayed and asked God, ‘What can I do? You’ve done so much for me, what can I do for you?’ and He told me, ‘You love to ride your bike. Ride for me.” Since then, Brent has been biking across America under the motto “Ride for Christ.”

“This is not my first ride. The first ride I did was a thousand miles, and my second ride was over 2,500 miles,” says Brent. he is now on his third tour across the USA currently pedaling through mile 1,240 in Winslow, Arizona.

The Gideons in his home camp back in Missouri have not seen him in quite some time. However, Brent is still meeting with Gideons for prayer and encouragement in the towns he rides through. “I feel like part of a big family when I meet with Gideons across different states,” he says, “They hug me and recharge my spirit to continue spreading the Gospel.” Gideons along his journey often pray over him and replenish his saddle bag with New Testaments to share with those he meets on the road. So far, Brent has biked through 17 states and placed copies of God’s Word into around 300 hands.

Dan is one of the many people Brent had an opportunity to share the Gospel with. While resting at a traffic corner in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dan asked Brent why he was riding. Brent replied simply that he was spreading the Word of Jesus and handing out Scriptures. Without missing a beat, Dan asked for a copy and Brent was able to give him a New Testament and witness to him. “It was the best past of my day,” said Brent.

The road is not always easy. If fact, riding with the buzzing sound of trucks speeding by, going against the wind, through heat and exhaustion – these are common struggles Brent faces on a typical day’s ride. However, the heaviest burden he experiences is seeing the spiritual drought most people live in.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, ” he says, “I have been where people steal my clothes, I’ve been assaulted, I’ve been rejected. But I’ve also felt the Holy Spirit protect me every day. I’ve seen the beauty of God’s creation across many lands and I’ve seen the beauty of His people. When you’re actually out here in the world, among the people, you’re attuned to people’s needs in a different way. I am just trying to be the light in whatever way God leads me to be.”

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Brent sports a yellow poncho and talks about the beauty of riding in the rain, “This is Sunday. I got to worship, I got a wide road, and it’s all good. It’s good to hear the birds singing after the rain. The’re happy…and so am I. It’s good to be out here serving God.”

Lord willing, Brent plans to continue his ride to California before heading home. You can pray with us for his safety on the road, as well as his strength spiritually as he witnesses to those he meets.