Time set aside

Gerwyn Roberts Photo 1

One of the National Office Team had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Gerwyn Roberts (pictured above) recently in his home near Conwy. This was their report of the time they spent together:

“We spent two and a half hours together and had a really Spirit filled time. I couldn’t understand until I met this delightful guy why I just couldn’t get another appointment for later that morning!

God knew why…because I was going to be heartily blessed by this pastor for an extended time.”

During that time Gerwyn shared the following testimony of how the Lord’s amazing power was evident to him and his family during a tough experience:

“It was a very difficult year so we as a family decided to go on a well earned break. This was back in August 2004 but things transpired a bit differently to what we expected on a family holiday in Florida.

To begin with things were going great with visits to Disney World, Sea World and so on. But life has a way of stopping you in your tracks, what I call ‘life’s speed bumps’. And what a speed bump! Hurricane Charley was on its way straight through our resort in Orlando. Things were very tense all day; it was a very uneasy feeling seeing shops and houses being boarded up in preparation for the storms impact.

My wife Lynne, our 8 year old daughter Naomi and I were boarded up in our hotel room waiting for it to strike and then it came. The noise was deafening hearing windows smashing and people shouting, “God help us!” We were powerless, so in desperation I turned and opened the drawer in the bedside unit and found a Gideon Bible so I opened the Bible and it opened at a page that had a verse marked. The verse read “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on our own understanding” Proverbs 3:5.  We felt the real presence and protection of the Lord as we held onto that Bible.

In the morning we opened the door to our room and what we saw was like a scene from a disaster movie. By God’s grace we came through, and thanks to whoever placed that Bible, it was a life saver indeed.

We were given the Bible to take home with us, which has pride of place in the study. We as a family will never forget that frightening night on August 15th, and yes, God’s Word has the power to still the storm!”

Gerwyn Roberts Photo 1
Pictured is Pastor Gerwyn Roberts with the very Bible that they clung to during the storm, strangely enough a British Isles Hotel Bible thousands of miles away in Florida!