The testament was on the floor

“Well, 6 or so months ago in an instance of curiosity I simply picked up a Gideons New Testament that I eyed on the floor in my living room and I ‘had a flick through’.

There was nothing significant about it at the time besides the fact I instantly recognised the memorable little red book as the same which was given to me many years ago – and at that age probably lost or thrown in a drawer – in lower high school. That one was in fact my little brothers he was given around the time.

I can’t remember the specifics of my thinking at the time or what lead me to it, but I took a stroll to the youth club a few minutes walk from my house that happened to be on that night which I hadn’t been to in years, I knew some of them and remembered that they were Christians. I asked a few questions, had an intriguing discussion and ended up at the end of the night with my first ever Bible in my hands and an invitation to Sunday worship. That was my first ‘real’ instance or experience with the Bible.

I can’t pinpoint ‘when’ exactly I was saved. I can however think back to times of deep, answered prayer, and experiences of God’s presence, as well as those times when I just ‘knew’ the truth on a deeper level which cleared up the spiritual and intellectual confusion new searching Christians experience – or at least I did in those months I was reading, searching and trying to break off the chains of the world and my secular mindset.

I’m now trying to walk the Christian walk to the best of my ability, in line with God’s will, thirsty and desiring more of God and His deep loving relationship.

Thanks a lot for your missionary service 🙂 and the small New Testament. It’ll be perfect for the backpack pocket and useful for reading in those snippets of free time throughout the day.

Much appreciated.

God bless


So often we hear of that “little red book” sowing a seed years later. What a privilege we have of being involved in this life changing ministry!

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