Birmingham “Pop Up Christmas Market Blitz”


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, the anniversary of who’s birth we will be celebrating in less than a month’s time!!

Secular activities attached to Christmas are now well underway. The Christmas Lights are already lighting up most high streets across the country and the Christmas trees are being decorated! Up and down our land folk are flocking to Christmas markets. The largest German Christmas Market outside Austria and Germany is held annually in Birmingham. It is a dazzling affair that involves 180 stalls and is described as the centrepiece of the city’s festive event calendar. Here you will find jewellery, decorations, handmade toys, delicious German fare and of course the ever popular Gluhwein

During the five weeks of this market over 1 million people from all parts of the country will visit Birmingham with the aim of coming away with either something special or a bargain. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that “something special” was a new found faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It could happen because Gideon members in the Birmingham area, with the support of members further afield are planning to be at the market on 10th and 17th December between 3 and 7pm to mingle with the crowds and offer Testaments to all who will receive one. Up to 4,000 Testaments will be available to be given free of charge and for many who will accept a copy this could be the first time they will have read the Christmas story for themselves.


For this witness to be effective your prayers are needed. Please pray! Here are some suggestions of things you could pray for.

  • A good number of members able to be at one or both of the chosen dates.
  • For a dry afternoon and evening that will bring out the crowds.
  • For freedom to wander and speak to the shoppers.
  • For an openness on the part of the shoppers to accept a copy of the New Testament and Psalms that they are offered.
  • For good conversations that allow a word of witness to be shared.
  • For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on those who read the Testaments.
  • That many will come to know Jesus in a new and personal way.