From ‘just in case’ to real trust

This morning one of the team at National Office had a meeting with a gentleman called Greg and gave us this report afterwards:

“Greg began our conversation by saying “I have a great respect for The Gideons. It was one of your Testaments that changed my life”.

He went on to share that when he was 12 and at a school in Gerrards Cross, two Gideon members arrived at an assembly and one of them pulled out of his pocket a Testament that had a bullet hole in it and went on to tell how this had saved someone’s life. Determined not to get shot, Greg put his Testament in his top pocket and there it stayed, “just in case” for 6 weeks.

It was then that he broke his arm and could not play rugby for a while. Having to stay in class when his mates were on the rugby field was difficult especially with nothing to read. He then started to read the Testament that was in his pocket and continued to do so. Six months later he became a Christian.

Today his whole family are Christians and Greg is currently leading an international Christian organisation reaching people for Christ through sport. Praise the Lord!”