Badged Testaments for Durham Police

The presentation made by Irene Munro of the Durham branch to Michael Barton, the Chief Constable of the Durham Constabulary. The Senior Force Chaplain, Adrian Gatrill and Stephen Fry of the Darlington branch were also in attendance, together with other staff from the Durham Constabulary.

On the 10th November, the Chief Constable of Durham Police accepted a presentation Bible from the Durham and Darlington branches.  A supply of badged New Testament and Psalms were also supplied bearing the crest of the Durham Force.  On Remembrance day, the Police Commissioner, Ron Hogg, was similarly presented with a Bible by Irene Munro of the Durham Branch.   After the presentation Adrian Gatrill, the Senior Force Chaplain, wrote the following:

“Thank you very much for presenting us with the badged New Testaments, and for the formal presentations made to the Chief Constable, Michael Barton and the Police Commissioner, Ron Hogg. We are very grateful for the support this shows for our Constabulary, and especially for all who work for the police throughout the county.

You will be encouraged to know that there has been much positive feedback already: I have had to open the second box – and this is before any ‘organised’ distribution! I have had numerous requests for New Testaments as I have wandered around Headquarters, with some very encouraging conversations attached! A very good way in to a conversation is to ask people whether they remember their little red Gideon Bible from school. They do! One lady in particular (she was at the presentation on Tuesday) told me yesterday how she’s been reading the birth narrative in Luke and is clearly very excited about what she is discovering. This is the first time she has read the Scriptures. Praise God.

So even in these early days, I can tell you that the availability of these badged New Testaments is having a positive effect within the Constabulary, and providing a catalyst for good engagement with the staff.

Thank you, again, for your generosity and your support.”