What We Do

The Gideons International has one simple and clearly defined aim: to win
men, women and young people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gideons place and present Bibles and Testaments in many areas of everyday life, and engage in personal witnessing – that others will come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Presently over 300,000 Gideon members are placing and presenting 80 million copies of the precious Word of God in 200 countries around the world.

Through the distribution of Bibles and/or Testaments in many different walks of life – Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Colleges, Prisons, to name just a few examples – The Gideons provide a Book which provides an ethical and moral code for society, which gives guidance in life, offers comfort in times of sorrow and loss, inspiration, and deals with many of the issues that people of all ages, nationalities, ethnic and social backgrounds face on a day to day basis.

In placing and presenting Bibles and/or Testaments, the achievement of the object of the Association, as stated in its Constitution, which is to win men and women for the Lord Jesus Christ, is often evidenced as being achieved through the many letters, emails, and telephone calls of testimony received in National Office, by individual Gideon and Auxiliary members and by branches. Many of these testimonies are regularly printed in Gideon News, the official publication of The Gideons International in the British Isles and posted on the Association’s website http://www.gideons.org.uk.